Musical Activities

It’s been too long since I posted here…  life has been a blur.

I’ve deliberately not pursued a busy musical summer this year with the birth of our second earlier in the year.  Some of you will have noticed though that I am once more out and about on the scene.

I parted company with Headrush today.  It was nice to have spent some time with the latest incarnation of the band, this time on bass… but we want different things from the band.  So in terms of function band work, I am now without a home base and tentatively putting out feelers.  While the dep gigs are fun, it’s nice to have that comfy jacket of familiar tunes with familiar faces, and regular work – it needs to be a band in it to make money as well as have fun.

I’m also on the look out for collaborations on original projects – projects that inevitably won’t make money :)  I haven’t got anything specific in mind, but I’m looking for two things – fun and the chance to make or contribute to something special.  I write music – I find it easier than writing words, though I’ve been looking out for a lyrical collaborator.  Those of you who know me will already know I play keys and bass well enough…  but you might not know I also play violin.  I’m rusty but I’ve got my hands on an electric… it needs a little tweaking but it works.  So… possibilities.

Lastly I AM still working on that album I’ve long promised.  Obviously being a parent of two kids under three it happens furtively, late at night… but I am making progress.  Watch this space.