Over the last 20 years I’ve played in all manner of groups in all kinds of settings, though in recent years I’ve spent most of my gigging time as a gun for hire keys player.

In the past I spent three and a half years on keys with 8 piece disco funk band Headrush… I later rejoined for a year playing bass. For 2 years I was front man (bass and vocals) for 5 piece funk band Chunk of Funk. A memorable few months were spent on violin with the world music fusion explosion that was The Black Camel and I spent a year with 9 piece latin outfit Atlantico.

I make music because I love it, particularly making people dance, but also in more recent years making people think and feel with songs of my own. Either way, the energy and the emotional connection with an audience is the reason above all for what I do, and I know many musicians feel the same way – music can say so many things words alone can not.