Over the last 20 years I’ve played in all manner of groups in all kinds of settings, though in recent years I’ve become known as a keys player.  I spent three and a half years on keys with 8 piece disco funk band Headrush, playing weddings, parties and corporate events, and I rejoined in 2014 playing bass… over 2 years on bass and vocals fronting 5 piece funk band Chunk of Funk, a memorable few months playing violin with the world music fusion explosion that was The Black Camel.  I spent a year with 9 piece latin outfit Atlantico, who are probably the UK’s leading exponents of Cumbia. I’ve played and sung jazz and will probably never escape its clutches!

My formative years were spent learning classical violin and piano but even during this time I was playing by ear, finding how to play what I could hear in my head as well as what was written on the page.  I came away from the University of Southampton with a music degree having had classical piano as my main instrument, but all the time I had been flirting with the sounds of latin, jazz and fusion.  I played in string quartets, piano trios and orchestras… sometimes at weddings and parties.  But it was funk that really got its teeth into me as I started to write more and look for an outlet for writing and playing.

I make music because I love it, particularly making people dance, but also in more recent years making people think and feel with songs of my own. Either way, the energy and the emotional high shared with an audience is the reason above all for what I do, and I know many musicians feel the same way – music can say so many things words alone can not.


Amongst many others, I’ve had the pleasure of gigging with…
Atlantico, Headrush, Mike Porter, Cat Cook and the Hot Shots, Grego Merchan, Chunk of Funk, The Expressions, J Fashole-Luke, Eddy White, Tom White, Robin Pearkes, James Ashdown, Moise Ichama, Semitone, Chris Ricketts, Jazzbone, The Black Camel, Josselin Vauchelin, Patrick Ytting, Elle James, Renes Lophanor, Route2Roots, Rod Willmott, Skip McDonald