“Chateau Hat Studio” has always been a spare room setup.  Gradually over the years I’ve improved some bits of equipment and gained more and more knowledge over how to get the best out of it.

The core of the studio is handily portable, which allows me to work on the move, take sounds with me and, if I wish, record in different locations…

Key Software:

  • Cubase 6.5
  • Various soft synths – I’m a fan of GSi‘s keyboard emulations, particularly the VB3
  • TRacks

Key Hardware:

  • Steinberg UR22 interface (stereo)
  • Alesis Multimix16 (usb) – decent enough budget mixer but there was too much noise on the AD/DA converters for serious recording
  • A very versatile Red5 Audio RV10 large diaphragm mic.  A matched pair of Rode NT5s.