As you will know if you have read the Coconut Scratch Orchestra story the band is currently not playing, and plans for a new C.S.O. will have to wait until 2004/5. The stalwarts below pledged their offerings to the Gods of funk and soul between 1999-2002. If you move your mouse pointer over the pictures a clearer portrait of their angelic visages is revealed.

Ben Willmott
hat eneb
After going out one night dressed as a gangster and calling himself ‘Benny the Hat’, the name stuck when ‘the Hat’ played two successive C.S.O. gigs sporting head-gear. The Panama in question is now compulsory wearing at any C.S.O. function.

At various times Ben has been arranger, composer, guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist with the group. To find out more about him simply explore this website!

Robin Williams
boraa borab
A seasoned performer, the rock steady funk of Robin’s bass is always in demand. Until recently the bassist with Oleum (now disbanded), his current musical melting pot is the newly formed band ‘Pictures Of A Wireless Hollow’.

Simon Eastwood
issia issib
As you can probably tell from the cheap visual gag, Mr Eastwood is possessed of considerable altitude. While it has been his trumpet and arranging skills that have graced the C.S.O. canvas, Simon is also a gifted pianist and composer.

The goatee is not a permanent fixture.

Mike Porter
ekima ekimb
Mike ‘the Viking’ Porter will probably never escape association with the symbolic image of the guitar playing viking. The final C.S.O. concert of 2002 did indeed feature Mike on guitar, but for most of his tenure he revelled in forcing the sound of sex through his saxophone. Also gifting the band with his arrangements he until recently co-ran a very successful clarinet quartet “Reed Our Lips”.

Pete Davison
etepa etepb
Currently training to be a teacher, saxophonist and pianist Pete is also a man of the theatre and a talented writer. He co-directed the production of Twelfth Night for which Ben provided the composition and C.S.O. provided the music. As a gaming enthusiast he is occasionally paid handsomely for his reviews, and as if that isn’t enough you can listen to some of his music at the link below! (ed. over a decade later now defunct)

James Cornick
jima jimb
“Possessed of a rock steady funk, so steady indeed that it can be heard long after the rest of the band have gone home.”

Any musician knows a good drummer is hard to find and we were very lucky. As well as having excellent hands at the kit, Jim is a superb trumpeter and guitarist – his preferred weapons of choice. Songwriter and guitarist with the former band Oleum, he has joined Rob in forming ‘Pictures Of A Wireless Hollow’.

Kath Horseman
katha kathb
It was our delight to feature Kath as guest vocalist in the final concert of 2002. A natural entertainer, she is a versatile and talented singer equally at ease with Guns n Roses repertoire as with (at our request) Barry White! Having just relocated to London she is already actively gigging and if you’re looking for a vocalist we highly recommend her.

Kath Waterfield
kwa kwb
For the final 2002 concert we were able to secure the services of Kath and her tenor sax, a virile combination! A keen rhythm and blues devotee she can produce that wonderful ‘dirty’ tone associated with the likes of King Curtis, and has the notes to go with it. She has until recently she has been enjoying success with the Mark Andrews Band and now plans to travel.


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