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"Music can say what words
can not..."

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QUESTIONS - an anti-war protest
Hear and download.

Click on the buttons to hear lo-fi versions or right-click and "Save Target As" on the links below for 128kbps ogg and mp3 files.

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lo fi mp3 - Questions
lo fi ogg - Questions

Obviously this site is a little out of date now, but the two videos below are current :) I shall see what I can do about a new site in a month or so. Thank you for visiting.


myspace profile
Latest samples can be found on myspace. will soon be undergoing a long overdue revamp! samples from the forthcoming album and more will be appearing... watch this space!

C.S.O. Art! 12/11/03
A small amount of spare time has finally allowed the posters and prog notes of the C.S.O. to be published online - enjoy :)

Questions 06/03/03
Taken from the as yet incomplete piano and voice album, Questions is an anti-war song.
After recent successful public performance it has since been recorded... see above.

20th July 2002 is born!

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Ben Willmott


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